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perform at 

Goldfield Ghost Town

 located 4 miles North of Apache Junction, Arizona on State Rt. 88 ~ otherwise known as the Apache Trail.

  • Season is November thru April

  • Saturdays, Sundays & sometimes Fridays

  • Show Times are on the hour
    High Noon - 4:00 p.m.

We are an all volunteer group and all donations go towards keeping the spirit
of the Old West alive! 

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"We ain't done yet!..."

The Goldfield Gunfighters are a group of men and women dedicated to the spirit and the history of the Old West and keeping that spirit alive for this and future generations of young and old. We pride ourselves in Old West authenticity and reenactment of that period in time, but most of all, to bring great entertainment to everyone that see us perform. The Goldfield Gunfighters strive to bring to you the colorful characters of that period - not so much the Earps', Doc Holidays', Wild Bills' or Billy The Kids', but the all around outlaws, everyday scoundrels and good guys that were 90% of the Old West. The folks that were just as important and accomplished, but due to press and media coverage during that time, they were not heard of. Folks both actual and fictional with a little bit of Old West humor thrown in once in a while. We hope by our small contribution to this period in time that we will be able to take all of you back to a place where you can let your mind roam free in the great expanse of the OLD WEST. ~  Preacher  

The Goldfield Gunfighters are available for Weddings, Private Functions, Parades, Television and Movie Work. All of your entertainment needs with performances to fit your special event.
Superstition Mtn. March 18, 2012  


Goldfield Gunfighters Group_2011


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Chicago Kid

Windy Bill and Little Joe - opening weekend 10/28/06

Buffalo Shiloh

Madeline LaRouge and Peppershot Patti

Windy Bill and Wily Coyote

Chilean Fryes

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